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The AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s campaign for mandatory condom use in America’s adult film industry has come under criticism after it was accused of spreading false information, leading to a temporal halt in porno film making in Los Angeles city.
The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) had filed complaints with federal and Florida state health officials after it was disclosed that an adult film performer tested HIV-positive.
AHF called on the Florida Department of Health and the Administration to investigate the incident and “take all appropriate steps to ensure that worker in the adult film industry are protected from threat of sexually transmitted infections,” Los Angeles Times reported.
But the adult film industry trade group led by Daine Duke has disputed the claims by AHF, saying there is no “authorized information” confirming a positive HIV test result. She also said there was no county public health investigation going on.
“AHF’s campaign for mandatory condoms has done nothing but create controversy and, with the closure of AIM [clinic], has deprived the adult industry of an important health and safety resource,” Duke said in a statement.

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