Roger-Luc Chayer

Roger-Luc Chayer is a canadian lyrical french horn player and symphony conductor naturalized french citizen in 1995. On November 11th 2012, he received, by order of Queen Elizabeth II, the Diamond Jubilee Medal for is career in Canada and abroad in music and journalism(1). Roger-Luc Chayer sutidues at the Nice National Conservatory of Music in southern France from 1983 to 1991 and finished with a first prize in french horn and a first prize in chamber music orchestra(2) In 1991, he became conductor for the Mediteranean soloists Symphony Orchestra in Nice (3) IN 1992, he was invited by theToulouse National Capitole Orchestra in France (as french horn and special tuben musician) for the production of Strauss’s Elektra (4) His symphonic career spans on two continents fron the Nice Opera Orchestra, Cannes Symphony Orchestra, Nice Philharmonic Orchestra, Nice Conservatory Orchestra, St-Léonard Symphony Orchestra, Bastia (Corsica) Opera House Orchestra to the Montreal Urbain Orchestra and the National Quintet. In 1992, he founded the record label Disques A Tempo that is since very active in recording and promoting exceptionnal artists on CD (5)

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