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Roger-Luc Chayer

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Roger-Luc Chayer is a canadian lyrical french horn player and symphony conductor naturalized french citizen in 1995. On November 11th 2012, he received, by order of Queen Elizabeth II, the Diamond Jubilee Medal for is career in Canada and abroad in music and journalism(1). Roger-Luc Chayer sutidues at the Nice National Conservatory of Music in southern France from 1983 to 1991 and finished with a first prize in french horn and a first prize in chamber music orchestra(2) In 1991, he became conductor for the Mediteranean soloists Symphony Orchestra in Nice (3) IN 1992, he was invited by theToulouse National Capitole Orchestra in France (as french horn and special tuben musician) for the production of Strauss’s Elektra (4) His symphonic career spans on two continents fron the Nice Opera Orchestra, Cannes Symphony Orchestra, Nice Philharmonic Orchestra, Nice Conservatory Orchestra, St-Léonard Symphony Orchestra, Bastia (Corsica) Opera House Orchestra to the Montreal Urbain Orchestra and the National Quintet. In 1992, he founded the record label Disques A Tempo that is since very active in recording and promoting exceptionnal artists on CD (5)

Eric Messier convicted in Superior Court (February 2014)

Saturday, February 8th, 2014


Eric Messier, a resident of Montreal, Canada , was sentenced on February 5 by the Superior Court of Montreal in Canada for serious acts against the journalist and Franco-Canadian musician Roger -Luc Chayer .

In a judgment of 24 pages with over 170 paragraphs ( number 500-17-060774-109 ) , Judge Marc Dewever , Superior Court , book analysis and decision resulting four-day trial and more than eight months reflection to render a judgment .

Not only condemns all actions by Eric Messier , totaling hundreds of illegal and defamatory against Roger -Luc Chayer , he rejects all requests from Mr. Messier who claimed in his defense that the texts of Roger -Luc chayer against him published in defense of serious accusations from Messier against Chayer, were themselves illegal . The Tribunal said NO !

In a landmark ruling that will certainly make jurisprudence both in regard to the non-conforming use as a journalist title in the field of Internet defamation , invasion of privacy or unlawful and intentional interference with rights protected by the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms , the Honorable Judge Dewever essentially concluded :

GRANTS the motion to institute proceedings by Roger -Luc Chayer ;

ORDERS Eric Messier, within 35 days of the date of judgment , to withdraw more than 45 multi-pages documents considered defamatory to Roger -Luc Chayer published on every websites or every media whatsoever;

ORDERS Eric Messier cease to express or publish on every medium whatsoever , comments , articles or defamatory messages identical to those already issued , in relation to Roger -Luc Chayer ;

Condemns Eric Messier to pay $ 10,000 to Roger-Luc Chayer, plus interest and the additional indemnity ( $ 5,000 in moral damages and $ 5,000 in punitive damages );

Condemns Eric Messier to reimburse all the costs of legal proceedings Roger -Luc Chayer ;

DISMISSES all claims from Eric Messier ;

Eric Messier has not yet announced whether he will fulfill his obligations under this judgment for a permanent injunction .

PS The full judgment will be published right here in the appendix to this release as soon as it is available in PDF format .