Eric Messier convicted in Superior Court (February 2014)


Eric Messier, a resident of Montreal, Canada , was sentenced on February 5 by the Superior Court of Montreal in Canada for serious acts against the journalist and Franco-Canadian musician Roger -Luc Chayer .

In a judgment of 24 pages with over 170 paragraphs ( number 500-17-060774-109 ) , Judge Marc Dewever , Superior Court , book analysis and decision resulting four-day trial and more than eight months reflection to render a judgment .

Not only condemns all actions by Eric Messier , totaling hundreds of illegal and defamatory against Roger -Luc Chayer , he rejects all requests from Mr. Messier who claimed in his defense that the texts of Roger -Luc chayer against him published in defense of serious accusations from Messier against Chayer, were themselves illegal . The Tribunal said NO !

In a landmark ruling that will certainly make jurisprudence both in regard to the non-conforming use as a journalist title in the field of Internet defamation , invasion of privacy or unlawful and intentional interference with rights protected by the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms , the Honorable Judge Dewever essentially concluded :

GRANTS the motion to institute proceedings by Roger -Luc Chayer ;

ORDERS Eric Messier, within 35 days of the date of judgment , to withdraw more than 45 multi-pages documents considered defamatory to Roger -Luc Chayer published on every websites or every media whatsoever;

ORDERS Eric Messier cease to express or publish on every medium whatsoever , comments , articles or defamatory messages identical to those already issued , in relation to Roger -Luc Chayer ;

Condemns Eric Messier to pay $ 10,000 to Roger-Luc Chayer, plus interest and the additional indemnity ( $ 5,000 in moral damages and $ 5,000 in punitive damages );

Condemns Eric Messier to reimburse all the costs of legal proceedings Roger -Luc Chayer ;

DISMISSES all claims from Eric Messier ;

Eric Messier has not yet announced whether he will fulfill his obligations under this judgment for a permanent injunction .

PS The full judgment will be published right here in the appendix to this release as soon as it is available in PDF format .

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