Michele Bachmann Hits Ron Paul, Mitt Romney On Gay Marriage In Final Iowa Pitch

Michele Bachmann has criticized Ron Paul and Mitt Romney on gay marriage in a final pitch to social conservatives in early caucus state Iowa, The New York Times reported.

During a Council Bluffs appearance, Bachmann attempted to use her record opposing marriage equality and abortion to distance herself from her GOP presidential rivals.

“Mitt Romney has defended gay marriage and even signed marriage licenses for same-sex couples and Ron Paul doesn’t believe the government should protect the institution of marriage,” Bachmann said. “I have a record of defending life, marriage and the family and I’ll protect them as president of the United States.”

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Bachmann, who trails her rivals in the state after winning the Iowa straw poll in August, and Rick Santorum have previously leveled the charge at Romney that he helped advance gay marriage.

Santorum said during a GOP debate earlier this month that then-Governor Romney was faced with a choice after the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that barring gay men and lesbians from marrying was unconstitutional.

“So Governor Romney was faced with a choice: Go along with the court or go along with the constitution and the statute. He chose the court and ordered people to issue gay marriage licenses. And went beyond that. He personally, as governor, issued gay marriage licenses.”

In rebutting the charge, Romney described Santorum’s retelling as a “novel understanding” of events.

“The Supreme Court of Massachusetts determined that under our constitution same-sex marriage was required,” Romney said. “And the idea that that somehow that was up to me to make a choice as to whether we had it or not was a little unusual.”

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