A canadian journalist attacks a kurdish citizen and associates him to “Saddam”

A former freedom fighter of Kurdistan, known by the
Canada region as oppressed under the former Iraqi president Saddam
Hussein is dealing with “Saddam” on the website
Quebec journalist Eric Messier after being rewarded
honorary title for his commitment to the autonomy of its
region and its plans for the development of industry
oil by the Kurds.

The victim of this heinous act, established in Britain, is
Kurdish and has been active in the resistance against Saddam Hussein
and then it has just a few days ago to run
hanged by Iraqi officials for genocide against the
Kurdish people, the process is a Kurd “Saddam” is
probably a gesture not only inconsiderate to the people
but urges the Canadian criminal code prohibiting crimes
hate this kind and against ethnic minorities.

The recipient of two medals of honor awarded by
Academy Ville-Marie is facing racist attacks and
hate a journalist in feud for several months
against its competitor and shoots anything that moves,
demonstrating the pathological nature of his acts.

Everyone knows that the Kurds have been a
terrible repression under Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and
that the dead Kurds are hundreds of thousands, including
even those who were gassed by “Chemical Ali” cousin
President Hussein, hanged a few days ago for genocide.

The fact that a journalist does not know Quebec history
Contemporary and misery of the Kurdish people will forgive nothing
the treating of “Saddam” a representative of the Kurdish people
simply because he is Kurdish. Ignorance of the major
historical dramas by Eric Messier is equivalent to
caricatures of Mohammed that have caused serious riots
against caricatures of the author.

How to respond to Kurdish groups in Canada following the act
racism of hate from a person who in any
Clearly, no longer has control over his reason? It is
hoped that a formal apology be made as
quickly as possible because the authorities will certainly
seized on these gestures. Reporter Eric Messier should
also realize that it is directly the life of the author of these
lines in danger if one were to believe erroneously that
reward was offered a “Saddam” while
reward was an anti-Saddam, the mistake is
voluntary, where the gravity of the act!

According to Wikipedia, March 11, 1974, Saddam Hussein attaches
relative autonomy in Kurdistan, with the “Law for autonomy
in the area of Kurdistan, “which states in part that”
Kurdish language should be the official language for education
Kurds. This law also allows the election of a board
Legislative autonomous control its own budget. However
72 of 80 elected members of the council of the first session
October 1974 were selected by Baghdad. In October
1977, the entire board is chosen by the regime. The
relations with the Kurds of Iraq are deteriorating dramatically
thereafter. On April 16, 1987, Saddam Hussein launched a raid
chemical weapons on Balisan Valley. During
“Operation Anfal”, 182 000 people die in
chemical bombardment [8]. In December 2005 a court in The
Hague has described the campaign of “genocide”. On June 24
2007, the Iraqi tribunal sentenced Ali Hassan al
Majid, nicknamed “Chemical Ali” and two other former
dignitaries of the regime of Saddam Hussein, the penalty
death by hanging for genocide against the Kurds
During the Anfal operation.

When the American army came to Iraq to depose
Saddam Hussein, according to the American generals, the warriors
peshmerga were everywhere, everything had already been done and
Americans had only bind to the peshmerga to take
control region, which has been done, see the article
Duty on the subject
Kurdish peshmerga-are-all -

Treat a Kurd and pershmerga moreover, chief of a tribe
Kurdish peaceful “Saddam” is an insult to the Kurdish nation
and a lack of respect for the hundreds of thousands of deaths
caused by Saddam Hussein. Eric Messier will go far in its
Publications incendiary against society?

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